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Venus Williams Launches Wonder Woman-Inspired Clothing Collection

Venus Williams announced her clothing line, EleVen, will be launching a limited edition Wonder Woman-inspired capsule collection later this month.

venus williams wonder woman

Our new limited edition collection celebrates the strong women in our lives. Powerful, beautiful, determined AND confident, tough AND compassionate. Every woman is WONDER WOMAN

Ranging from $75.00 to $150.00 the collection consists of t-shirts, shorts, leggings, sports bras and the signature gold windbreaker.

You can shop the collection HERE.


Venus Williams has reached the very top in every area of tennis since making her debut in 1994 at the age of 14.

But In 2011, Venus announced her withdrawal from the U.S. Open tournament after being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome. The rare autoimmune disease that forced the tennis star out causes debilitating joint pain, swelling, numbness and fatigue.

Venus Williams

“… I just felt like, ‘Okay, I could walk out on the court. I’m a tough woman, I’m a tough athlete, I’ve played through a lot of things.’ But what kind of match it would be?” she said. “It was a tough decision, but at the same time I’ve had to come to accept what I’m going through.”

“I think I’ve had issues with Sjogren’s for a while. It just wasn’t diagnosed,” she said according to BlackDoctor.org. “I just didn’t have any energy,” she continued. “And it’s not that you don’t have energy; you just feel beat up. The good news for me is now I know what’s happening,” adding that her doctor diagnosed her with exercise-induced asthma four years ago. But it wasn’t until this summer, when she developed more definite symptoms, that an accurate diagnosis was made.

The seven-time Grand Slam champion said she’s glad to finally have an explanation for her mysterious, debilitating symptoms.

“It’s a huge relief because as an athlete everything is physical for me — everything is being fit and being in shape,” she said. “I think the best thing that could have happened for me this summer was to feel worse so I could feel better. Sjogren’s is something you live with your whole life. I feel like I can get better and move on.”


Venus Williams Launches Line Of Sunscreen Products

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Venus Williams has teamed up with retailer Credo Beauty to launch a line of sunscreen products EleVen by Venus x Credo for all skin types and shades under the sun.

The line so far consists of a SPF serum and sunscreen.

venus williams

In an interview with Allure, Williams said she hopes to bridge the gap for women of color to find sunscreen products that compliment their skin in a market that often forgets about them. “No matter what skin tone you are, you want your skin to look like your skin, and you don’t want any layers on top,” William said. “This [line] leaves no white cast and, of course, it’s universal for every skin tone and complexion.”

GIVING BACK! Venus & Serena Williams Launching “Yetunde Price Resource Center”

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, are giving back to their hometown of Compton, Calif. in a big way. The tennis icons will be launching the Yetunde Price Resource Center, in collaboration with the Williams Sister Fund, at the 2016 Healthy Compton Community Festival. The endeavor will aim to help victims of gun violence, and is named in honor of their sister who lost her life to gun violence.