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Vickie Winans Husband Passed Away.

Let’s keep Vickie Winans in our prayers..

The Gospel singer’s husband, Joe McLemore a Detroit businessman, passed away on August 24th doing what he loved…….. playing golf, according to Vickie.

She shared the heartbreaking news on social media:

“I spent 10 years of my life with the sweetest man I have ever met,” she wrote, with a pic of their wedding photo. “We were still the best of friends and we loved each other beyond what the word divorce means. Joe, I will always love you and my soul is gripping in grief! You were so happy for me and the wind beneath my wings! You were never egotistical, narcissistic, nor mean, just a pure sweetheart!”

“Daddy passed in a moment’s time doing what he loved most of all in sports…playing 18 holes of golf!”

Winans did not reveal his cause of death, but wrote, “No more amputations baby, no more pain, no more false hope or anything else.”

Our prayers are definitely with Vickie Winans.