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LV Creative Director Virgil Abloh Apologizes for Looting Comments

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Virgil Abloh, the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton and owner of Off White is apologizing for comments he made on Monday about folks looting.

Virgil Abloh

On Monday, Sean Witherspoon the co-founder of the popular L.A. store Round Two, took to Instagram to show his followers the state of the store after being looted. Virgil jumped in the comment section writing how the looting disgust him. “This disgusts me… We’re part of a culture together. Is this what you want?? When you walk past [Sean] in the future please have the dignity to not look him in the eye, hang your head in shame,” he commented.

The fashion designer then went on to post a photo of his donation to the Black Lives Matter cause, which amounted to only $50.  Needless to say folks weren’t happy about the comments or his $50 donation, when they feel he has the resources to give more.

Virgil Abloh

Well. today(Tuesday) he took to his Instagram to apologize for his comments.

“I apologize that my comments yesterday appeared as if my main concerns are anything other than full solidarity with my movements against police violence, racism, and inequality,” he wrote.

“People who criticize ‘looting’ often do so as a way to make it seem like our fight against injustice isn’t legitimate,” he continued. “I did not realize the way my comments accidentally contributed to that narrative. If looting eases pain and furthers the overall mission, it is within good standing with me.”

About the $50 donation, he said it was part of a social chain between him and his friends:

“I will continue to donate more and will continue to use my voice to urge my peers to do the same. I was on the fence about publicizing total dollar amounts because I didn’t want to look like I’m glorifying only higher amounts or that I want to be applauded for it… In this case, my hesitation led to false assumptions on my personal spending. I encourage everyone to band together to match funds of their own proportion, regardless of what you have. Every dollar counts.”