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Walgreens & CVS Will Stop Locking Up Beauty Products Aimed At Black Women

Walgreens & CVS are following big box retailer Walmart, and will no longer lock up haircare and beauty products aimed at Black women.

“We are currently ensuring multicultural hair care and beauty products are not stored behind locked cases at any of our stores,” Walgreens said in a statement emailed to The Associated Press late Thursday.

Walgreens & CVS

Walmart on Wednesday said it would ban the practice that became the focus of a federal discrimination lawsuit filed in 2018 that was eventually dropped in 2019.

Retailers are rethinking their merchandising strategies in the wake of protests across the nation against police brutality and racial inequality following the death of George Floyd. While trying to undo discriminatory polices, they also realize they can’t afford to turn off multicultural customers who are big spenders of beauty products. CVS noted that it’s grown its textured hair and cosmetics area by 35% over the past year, and many of those brands are black-owned businesses.

This story first appeared on CBS News.