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Zacardi Cortez “I Shall Wear A Crown” At George Floyd’s Funeral

Gospel singer Zacardi Cortez had the honor of celebrating the life of George Floyd on Tuesday during his funeral at The Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, Texas.

Cortez, who is also a Houston native, song “I Shall Wear A Crown” as Floyd, who was called “The Gentle Giant” coffin was wheeled out of the Houston church.

zacardi cortez

“Today was heavy and I’m not gon lie, this mask caught a gang of tears. But cuz of today I wanna do as much as I can for my community, he wrote on his social media account.
George Floyd is not just the name on my mask. He’s not just a news topic. He’s not just the person who’s life I had the honor of celebrating today. He was a black man and father like me, but his life was TAKEN senselessly, intentionally and violently.”


Zacardi Cortez “You Don’t Know” Official Music Video

Zacardi Cortez has released the official music video for his emotional hit single “You Don’t Know”

The emotional song hits close to home for the singer who put his personal experiences into the song. 

Zacard Cortez
Screen Shot

“I’ve been through a lot of things that tortured my soul, but God has brought me through it all,” Cortez says, “I’m now at a place where I’m letting my experience come through my music.” 

“You don’t know all the tears I cried.. The things I’ve kept bottled up inside,” Zacardi sings.

Check out “You Don’t Know” below: