[WATCH] Tamera Mowry Becomes Emotional Discussing Golden Globes

Tamera Mowry
Watch Tamera Mowry emotional reaction on The Real to Sunday’s historical  Golden Globes ceremony.

Tamera Mowry became emotional as the ladies discussed the #TimesUp movement and Oprah’s speech during the Girl Chat segment of the show.

Tamera Mowry

Tamera shared with her co-hosts,  the words her mother instilled in her and sister Tia growing up.

“My mom, when we were growing up, she said listen you’re a woman, so you’re going to have to work a little extra hard, Tamera shared with the ladies with tears rolling down her face.  And not only that, you’re a black woman so you’re going to have to work double hard.”

Tamera continued,

” I get a glimpse of hope that my daughter, will not be seen as second place because she is dark.”

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