[WATCH] Tammy Rivera Sings Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now”

Tammy Rivera
Source: Tammy Rivera Instagram
LHHA star, Tammy Rivera, who is working on her budding music career, posted a video singing Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now,” and the girl can sing.

Tammy Rivera, who is married to rapper Waka Flocka shared with VH1 awhile ago that she had been singing all her life, she was known as the little girl who could sing her butt off.  But when she started dating Waka she hid her gift.

“He didn’t even know I could sing because I didn’t want no one around him to think that I was with him because I wanted to use him for a career.”

But that all changed during a season of LHHA, when she decided to tell Waka that she was serious about her music, and ready to let her voice be heard.

Since then Tammy has released a Rico Love produced track “All These Kisses.”

The reality TV star, who is always sharing video’s practicing her vocals, Tuesday posted a video covering Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now”

Check it out and tell us what you think.



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