Cover Girl: Taraji P. Henson Covers Glamour Magazine


Emmy nominated actress and Empire star Taraji P. Henson aka Cookie Lyons covers the October issue of Glamour magazine. 

Inside the issue Taraji talks Empire and her Emmy nomination:

GLAMOUR: We were hooked on Empire from the pilot. How did you find out you had scored the Emmy nod?
TPH: [Before the nominations] everybody kept saying to me, “Have you cleaned your mantel off?” I said, “Everybody chill.” I knew the day was coming, but I didn’t watch the nominations. I was getting ready to go to work. The phone rang, and it was my manager. I was like, “OK, he’s clearly not calling with bad news.” [Laughs.]taraji
GLAMOUR:Why do you think people connect so strongly to Cookie?
TPH: She is everybody’s alter ego. She crosses cultures. [Last year] we went to Paris and screened the pilot for a thousand people. Lee Daniels [the series’ cocreator] brought me onstage. The audience stood up on their feet and clapped. I cried because, for so long in Hollywood, I’ve been told that black women don’t do well overseas, that they can’t open a film overseas. That moment for me was the best moment of my life. That’s better than any trophy, any award, any nomination. You know how they say music can heal the world? I feel that way about art in general.
GLAMOUR: Cookie’s got major confidence. How do you deal with scrutiny when the spotlight’s so hot? When you’re in a rut, how do you get your mojo back?
TPH: I don’t think about other people. They are not walking in my shoes. They are not paying my bills. What makes me happy is when I do what I like to do, for me.

Ms. Taraji is up for an Emmy as an outstanding lead actress in a drama series. If she wins  she’ll make history as the first black actress ever to take home the statue. The Emmy’s are September 20th.

To read more from the Glamour article pick up the October issue on newsstands.

Take a look at this Empire Season 2 ‘Game On’ video with cast and crew:

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