The Steve Harvey Show Tackles The Religious Divide in America


Today on the Steve Harvey Show, Steve  tackled the deep religious divide in America with Pastor Paula White, Father Ken Deasy, Executive Director of Arab American Assoc. Linda Sarsour and Rabbi Shmuley.

samuel_56abf6d53d176_4081_FAITHOVERFEAR1-810x410Religion lies at the heart of some of the most hotly debated issues today. There is a deep divide in this country along religious lines, perpetuated by extremism and a lack of understanding. Steve dedicated an entire hour to having an open and honest discussion about religion, in hopes of narrowing the gap between knowledge and fear.

Steve kicked the show off with a panel of religions leaders, including FATHER KEN DEASY (Catholic Priest), LINDA SARSOUR (Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York), RABBI SHMULEY (American Orthodox Rabbi) and PASTOR PAULA WHITE (International Evangelist), to help the audience better understand the state of the world we live in and help us all choose faith over fear.

Steve also welcomed Kentanya Craion, who survived a mass shooting by a religious zealot at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, just a few short months ago. She was at the clinic with her boyfriend Ke’Arre Stewart, for a first check-up after discovering that she was newly pregnant. Unfortunately, Ke’Arre did not survive the incident. Kentanya bravely shares her story and discusses how the incident has changed her own views on religion and God.

Then Alana Simmons , who lost her grandfather in a racially charged church shooting last year in Charleston, SC explained how she’s managed to turn that tragedy into something positive. She started a social media campaign in her grandfather’s memory, encouraging people to perform random acts of love with the hashtag, #HateWontWin


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