Tina Campbell Says She Finds It Difficult Sometimes To Be Received Singing Gospel Music


Tina Campbell, one half of the gospel group, Mary Mary says she finds it difficult sometimes to be received singing gospel music, maybe this is why a lot of gospel artist music is starting to sound secular…..

12383283_1287822887898255_467299869_nI don’t find it difficult to market gospel music necessarily. I do find it sometimes difficult to be received, Tina told the Atlanta Business Journal when asked about marketing gospel music. When people hear the word “gospel” they think, “That word doesn’t apply to me.” To some degree, we have to be strategic in marketing it and presenting it. You have to show what’s good about it, you have to show what’s relevant about it, you have to show how it applies to the everyday person and their everyday life. It’s very important to include those elements of it because some people think it’s just for Sundays. If people understand that it’s relatable everyday for every situation, — it’s what you laugh to, cry to, party to, be encouraged by, it’s your easy listening, it’s your workout music, it’s your motivation before you take that college exam — if you show people how it’s relatable, they are able to understand how amazing this music is. We try to consider that when we are marketing it and promoting it. There are some that turn their ears off because they think that word [gospel] doesn’t really apply to them, so we show them that it does.

Tina Campbell, whose CD, It’s Personal is what I like to call “true gospel” music went on to talk about how gospel music is moving back into the mainstream,

Gospel is making it was back into mainstream because a lot of the shows that are looking for really great singers — this is not a biased statement, it’s just the truth — the best singers are in gospel music. The skill is great, the soul and the heart is great and the raw talent before you even become polished is just unparalleled. Many people who are real true singers, their favorite singers are always gospel or they’re someone that came out of the church because they are amazing singers. You really polish your craft because there are rehearsals and weekly services. You’re able to polish and build your craft. All these people on shows like The Voice and American Idol choose gospel songs because they love the artist, which is surprising to many people. Many of them are singing our music and we’re grateful our music is making an impact. When people hear it from someone they watch and they love — they don’t know your faith background and they just hear your song and are inspired to it — they gravitate to it. That music to many people’s surprise is gospel music. That has really been a great help to our sales and the acceptance of gospel music.


Don’t forget Tina Campbell is getting ready to release a video for her single, Preach the Word a duet on her CD with husband Teddy Campbell, and a couple days ago she shot a video for her single, Destiny also off the CD.12555957_1655794471351640_2067157786_n(1)



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