Usher and Harry Belafonte Talk Activism in Joint Appearance Jay-Z In Audience


In an hour long conversation moderated by Soledad O’Brien at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, Usher and Harry Belafonte talked activism.

Usher called Belafonte a hero, mentor and father figure. Belafonte spoke positively about young black celebrities.CSDJs2-WIAAdpyd

At the 92nd Street Y, Jay Z was in the audience nodding his head as Belafonte praised him, Usher and Common for renewing a commitment to change after a “very me” generation immediately following the civil rights era.

“I’m glad I lived long enough to see this emergence,” said Mr. Belafonte.CSCmlKnUsAAdi6A

This conversation comes at a time when I think it’s a necessity for us as artists to use our platforms in a significant way,” Usher said, adding that Belafonte and his peers “used everything they’ve got, or they had, in order for us to have that platform.”

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