Usher Raymond IV: Raising Black Sons In America On Oprah’s Master Class [WATCH]


Usher (Usher Raymond IV) Master Class premiered on OWN Saturday night.  During the 1 hour show Usher shared the lesson he learned when he lost his father, and Usher also shared his views on raising black sons in America.

In the clip above, Usher Raymond IV opens up about his attempt to reconnect with his dying father.  The singer reveals that while in the process of making the decision to take his father off life support, his son was across town just being born.  He goes on to share how the loss of his father affected his views on legacy.

“When life shows itself to be tumultuous, it’s because you’re being prepared for something greater. That’s what I believe.”

Usher Raymond IV

The singer also shared his views on raising black sons in America.  The singer  explained his parenting approach and the delicate balance of preparing his two young sons for the real world without burdening them with negativity.

“Don’t step with anger, step with clarity.”

Usher says he’s thankful for the opportunity to share his story on Oprah’s Master Class.

“Even though you may have heard certain stories, maybe you hear the detail of them. You hear a different idea about them; they’re introduced in a different way,” Usher says. “I felt like I was able to be more honest in this seat and looking at this audience right here to tell you guys my story.” 


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