Vanita Gupta Becomes First Woman Of Color Associate Attorney General

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Vanita Gupta

Congratulations are in order for Civil Rights Attorney Vanita Gupta.

Vanita Gupta

Gupta was confirmed as associate attorney general after Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of the nomination going against her party.

With her confirmation, Gupta became the first woman of color associate attorney general of the United States.

Murkowski explained her support for Gupta on the Senate floor:

“I asked her point blank, ‘Why do you want this? Is this worth it?’ Because this has clearly been very hard on her as a nominee,” Murkowski said. “And she paused and reflected a moment, and just spoke to how she feels called to serve in a very personal way that I thought was impactful.”

“I am going to give the benefit of the doubt to a woman who I believe has demonstrated throughout her professional career to be deeply, deeply committed to matters of justice,” the Senator said.

Source: CNN


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