Viola Davis Lands Role In ‘I Almost Forgot About You’ Based Off Terry McMillan Book

Viola Davis Lands Lead Role In 'I Almost Forgot About You' Based Off Terry McMillan's Bestselling Book

Viola Davis
Another Terry McMillan novel is turning into a movie and this time Viola Davis will play the lead role.

In ‘I Almost Forgot About You,’ Viola Davis will play Georgia Young, a twice-divorced, successful optometrist. Georgia  hasn’t felt a romantic spark in awhile, and feeling bored and restless. She decides it’s time to change, and goes on a wild journey of self-discovery, reuniting with old lovers, and getting a brand new lease on life.

“I write about what breaks my heart. What I don’t understand.
And what I wish I could change.”

-Terry McMillan

Viola Davis

Also, McMillan will write the script alongside Ron Bass.



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