RECAP: WAGS Atlanta Season Premiere: Peaches Prayers & Players

WAGS Atlanta
 WAGS Atlanta premiered on Wednesday night, and to kick off the premiere season E! introduces us to the cast.

WAGS… Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars

The season premiere kicks off introducing us to Kaylin Jurrgens, Kierra Douglas, and Niche Caldwell, who are all married to sports stars.  The three WAGS along with their husbands kick off the show, visiting the Oasis Family Life Church.

“Southern Belle’s love Jesus”

 “The Wives”

 Kaylin Jurrgens, who is married to MLB player Jair Jurrgens, is an Atlanta native and pageant girl.  Kaylin is very proud of her MLB Bae, and the home they’ve made for themselves in “athlete heaven”, even though she can’t remember how many square feet it is.

Things turn bad for Kalyin quick, when it’s reported that her husband was suspended for 80 games from the  L.A. Dodgers for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. Kaylin is left to deal with it alone, since he was still in L.A., when it happened. Right before the news broke, Kaylin had just told Kierra Douglas during an outing that Jair had just left to go play for the Dodgers.  So, Kierra decided to throw Kaylin a party to help keep her company while Jair was away.

Kierra Douglas, is married to Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver, Harry Douglas IV.  The couple met while she was an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, and he played for the organization. However, Kierra admits that it wasn’t love at first sight.

The couple has an adorable  one year old daughter named, Harrison Milan.  Kierra is also an Atlanta native, former Falcons cheerleader, pageant girl, and Jesus Girl…She’s the true definition of a southern belle.

“I was raised on Jesus and sweet tea.”

Kierra and Kaylin seem to always be together.  Probably because they have a lot in common.  They’re both native Atlantans, pageant girls, Jesus Girls, and love married life with their sports star husbands.

“We are blessed to live the life that we live.”

Then we meet Niche Caldwell, who is married to NFL free agent Andre Caldwell.  The couple has been together since college, and have two children together.  The Caldwell’s are transitioning to life after the NFL, and are starting a new chapter in their life.

Niche is an interior designer, with a design studio in Roswell, Georgia.

Even though Niche is no longer a WAG, her wisdom and listening ear is just what the ladies need, especially Kaylin.   A lot of the things they are going through, she’s been there, and done that.

 “The Girlfriends”

WAGS Atlanta

Kesha Norman is dating NFL linebacker CJ Mosley, and the couple has a two year old daughter together.  Kesha wants CJ to put a ring on it, but at the same time she has major trust issues. The couple has dealt with infidelity issues in the past, that still have her uneasy.  So she calls on another girlfriend, Telli Swift, who’s dating boxer Deontay Wilder, to help her hide camera’s in her home.  In an attempt to try and catch CJ messing around, she get’s busted, when she forgets to turn off the voice alerts on the camera’s, and CJ finds out and of course he’s pissed, and says they need some time apart.. By the way, she has the camera’s hidden in the electrical outlets..I didn’t even know that was possible.

Let me say this, I really hope Kesha get’s her ring, but she needs to listen to what CJ is not saying.  Nagging him about a ring, won’t get you a ring.  Plus, she needs to deal with her trust issues.  You can’t walk into a marriage, not trusting your husband. You’re setting your marriage up for failure, and nobody wants that.

Telli Swift reminds me so much of Evelyn Lozada, I don’t know why, but she does.  Maybe it’s the hair… She’s also ready for her boxer boyfriend to put a ring on it, but the difference in her and Kesha is…she comes across very secure in her relationship.  Later on in the season we find out that she’s pregnant.  There is also a clip of somebody getting engaged, and it looks like her, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Hope Wiseman..we get introduced to Hope during the outing with Kierra and Kaylin.  Kierra introduces Hope as another pageant Queen, whom she’s known since she was a little girl.  According to her bio, she also cheered for a professional sports team, where she met Kierra’s little sister Ariel and they became close.

Fast forward to the party, the ladies and their significant others are all there, and in walks Hope wearing a black sheer outfit that left nothing to the imagination.  The looks on the ladies’ faces said it all. “Where you going with that on?”  Anyway, Hope was in charge of the entertainment, that had the ladies looking like “Is this for real?’

We also meet Sincerely Ward for a few minutes at the party, she’s an Atlanta socialite, who Kierra explains is the “who’s who among Atlantans.”  She walks into the party straight off her flight, looking like a bag of money. Sincerely is a jetsetter baby, she travels all over the world, hanging with, and partying with  A -list celebrities.

WAGS Atlanta

We’re waiting to be introduced to Brandi Rhodes, who’s married to wrestler Cody Rhodes, and we get a deeper look into Ariel Anderson’s life, who is  Kierra Douglas little sister.

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