WAGS Kesha Norman Opens Up To Kierra Douglas About Separation From CJ


Kesha Norman is opening up to Kierra Douglas, about her fallout with CJ.  

In a new clip released by E! ahead of Wednesday night’s WAGS, Kesha reveals that she and CJ have separated since he found the hidden camera in the house.  She is now staying in the townhouse, and he is staying at the couple’s mansion.

“Since he found the secret security camera that I put in, C.J. and I are separated,” Kesha shared. “Things have been very uncomfortable for us…It really was for me to know if my relationship is where it needs to be right now.”


“Realistically, when someone hurts you, they have to be willing to put the time in to help you get over that,” Kesha shared with Kierra.

Okay, so I shared last week in my recap of the premiere episode that Kesha was still dealing with trust issues and hurt from CJ’s  past infidelities.  Now in the clip, Kesha is saying that CJ has to be willing to put in the time to help her get over it? Nah boo that’s where you went wrong.  This journey is yours!  You decided to stay.  Not only did you decide to stay, but you’re pressuring this man to marry you.  I said in my first recap, and I’ll say it again, you can’t build a successful marriage without trust, it just won’t work. Kesha girl..what your girls should be saying to you right now is … Stop pressuring this man to marry you, that should be the furthest thing from your mind right now, especially if you don’t trust him.  Focus on Kesha! Focus on healing your heart.  I’m happy that you’re confiding in Kierra, because she’s a church girl (she grew up on sweet tea and Jesus).  She should be able to give you some sound Biblical advice.


As Kesha is sharing her story with Kierra it’s almost too painful to watch, I mean you can see the hurt in her eyes, and the pain in her voice.

Check back for my recap for the 2nd episode of WAGS Atlanta.

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