WAGs star Shaun Phillips Tells Girlfriend Natalie Halcro To Choose Between Her Career or Supporting Him and Starting a Family


E! reality show WAGS is about the girlfriends and wives of men in professional sports. One of the couples on the show is Shaun Phillips, an NFL player and his girlfriend of three years Natalie Halcro, a fashion and beauty blogger.  The couple has a little “tiff” because Ms. Natalie  wants a career and Shaun wants to start a family.

In a clip from the show , Shaun and Natalie have a serious talk about their future.  He says,

“You’re gonna have to make a choice. You’re gonna have to choose to support me and we start a family, or stay here and maybe choose your career over having a family and having me.”

What say you?  Can women have a career and a family or do we have to choose?

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