WATCH: Ja Rule and Wife Aisha On The Wendy Williams Show


Ja Rule and his wife Aisha stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to talk their new reality show “Follow the Rules” … Wife Aisha also opened up about raising her family on her own while husband JaRule was in town.

“I was devastated because I’m used to having him there with me. He’s the rock, the head of the household. It was hard in the beginning but then I just pulled myself together and did what I had to do.


Their oldest daughter Brittney took her father’s prison sentence the worst. Aisha explained:

She hated to visit him, seeing him like that. She’s used to him being a boss…she got physically ill, throwing up and sick. She just couldn’t take it.

JaRule said prison changed him:

It made me closer to the family. When you’re in the business, we work hard, we move around.We do great financially for the family but sometimes that body is missing, you know? I didn’t really realize that until I was away and couldn’t be with the family.




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