WATCH: The #LaughingWhileBlack Ladies Share Their Side of the Story and Important Lesson


Three of the 11 women of who were kicked off of a Napa Valley Wine Train in August for#LaughingWhileBlack appeared on “The Real” Tuesday and opened up about what they experienced.

The women, who  were on their annual book club trip to Napa Valley said they were “humiliated” when they were escorted off the train tour by police after receiving noise complaints from other passengers.

The three women said on the show that they were singled out because of their race and want justice but that their experience came with important lessons they hope everyone will learn.

“What we want people to learn is to just be careful of your biases and how you view a group of people when you’re around them and how you use your power if you’re in a position of power to make decisions that will then render how it will affect other people’s lives,” one of the women told the hosts. “We don’t want this to happen to anyone else again.”

The ladies filed a $11 million dollar discrimination lawsuit last week…

Take a look at the interview on “The Real”:

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