We Will Always Love You Today Marks the 4th Anniversary of Whitney Houston’s Death


I still get sad when I hear a song or look at a picture of Whitney Houston… In my book nobody did it like Whitney!   Today marks the fourth anniversary of her untimely death. whitney_houston_main_0_1442233721It marks the fourth year that we’ve been without the VOICE!

One thing I admired about Whitney, is that she NEVER forgot her roots, and if you ever attended a Whitney concert she was sure to give you a little Amazing Grace


In other Whitney Houston news, L.A. Reid revealed to Wendy Williams that  he regrets not protecting Whitney during her 2002 Diane Sawyer interview,

“I was so naive,” Reid said. “I really didn’t realize that there was an issue. I said, let’s get Whitney with Diane Sawyer and promote the album.”

“She asked her the question about substance abuse and when Whitney said, ‘crack is whack,’ my mouth dropped,” Reid said. “I felt like I really failed her. My job is to protect the talent and try to present them in a way that people will love them. My job is not to drum up controversy or drum up gossip. My job is to present her in the best possible fashion. So I completely failed her that day.”whitneyhouston__120927161425

Rest well Whitney….


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