You Go Girl! Wendy Williams Reveals How She Lost 50 lbs.


You Go Girl!!!!!!  Talk show host, Wendy Williams reveals how she lost 50 lbs!!!!!

Wendy spoke to fans about how she lost the weight, her eating habits and what her gym routine is like now in a segment on “The Wendy Williams Show: After Show.” 56278cc41400002b003c8be4

“I’ve lost 50 pounds in three years. 50 pounds, which, you know, I find to be amazing because of all the crazy diets I’ve ever been on, none have ever been as effective as ‘just push back, fatso, just stop eating so much, stop the extra sauces. Tuna fish doesn’t need so much Miracle Whip,'” Wendy said.

Wendy you look GREAT girl!!!

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